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cygwish80 problem


The version of cygwish80 shipped with the Cygwin 1.0 CD does not properly
recognize POSIX paths for all functions.  It is unable to properly start a
Tcl/Tk program with 

#!/bin/cygwish80 -f

as the first line.  The shell starts cygwish, which then complains that
there is no such file as "/usr/local/bin/myscript".  In fact, the file
does exist.

If I cd into /usr/local/bin and do

$ cygwish80 ./myscript

It will execute the script until it gets to a construct like:

if [info exists /some/file] {
	source /some/file

The 'info exists' test comes back true, but the next line dies with the
error that '/some/file' does not exist.

I have duplicated this misbehavior at the cygwish80 shell prompt.  Files
that can be listed and recognized by 'info exists' cannot be loaded with
the 'source' command.

For a reality check, I moved cygwish80.exe and its DLLs aside and copied
the like-named files from B20.1 in their place.  No more problems.

Am I the only one seeing this?

And, yes, I tried endless experiments with setting binmode, mount options,
etc., etc. - to no avail.


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