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Compiling Sendmail With Cygwin?

My team is looking into replacing an E-mail system that we have set up on
some dedicated NT machines.  Being the Unix fan in the bunch, I've suggested
using Sendmail.

There's no practical possibility of replacing NT with Unix here (though I'd
certainly love that), so if we're going to use Sendmail then we'll have to
either go with the commercial version or port the source ourselves.  I like
the ability to make custom changes, and the price is nice, so porting the
source is higher on my list.

So my question is: How painful is it to compile Sendmail with Cygwin?  I've
seen a port of an old, old version (dating back to '94 perhaps?) on the 'Net
that was compiled using Cygwin... so I know it's theoretically possible.  I
just want to know how much effort it would be, so I can gauge whether we
should try this route or just go with the commercial package--or another
(NT-based) package altogether.

Being the Unix guy, *I'd* be the one given the job of making the port
happen, most likely.  I'm at least passingly familiar with programming both
Unix and Win32 at the C/system call level, though I've done precious little
hands-on work at that level (my team does mostly Visual Basic and such).
I'm not easily daunted, though (as you probably surmised by my even
*thinking* about this :).)

The biggest thing I see as a problem is that Cygwin doesn't implement
(get|set)uid.  I'm not worried about security, as everything that runs on
these boxen run as administrator anyway.

Another possibility I've looked at is Exim, though I think there are more
Sendmail-experienced admins within the company as a whole, so Sendmail would
make more sense in that regard.  Any thoughts?

Jason B.

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