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[Summary] re: CD v1.0 : 2 probs, bash readline and info


Both problems are resolved:

TAB is readline's command/filename completion command.
A TAB at the beginning of a line in Bash is searching the
PATH to collect all possible commands. As Earnie and John
pointed-out, 2 TAB's will, after a period of time, produce the
message: "Display all 825 possibilities? (y or n) ".

I'll just have to stop entering TAB's at the beginning of lines
in interactive mode.

The problem with 'info' still seems a little confused, to me.
It appears that it is useful to use 'install-info' to register
info docs by placing entries into a 'dir' file in the info directory.
And, in fact, it seems that I had two 'dir' files in /usr/info, but
none in /contrib/info.  The /usr/info/ file contained more
complete information the the /usr/info/dir file, and replacing
dir with the contents of made "info info" and "info diff"
display the correct docs.

The confusion comes in when I try "info dc", which displays
the dc doc (though there appears to be no entry in any dir
file for this doc), and "info wget" which failed to find the wget
doc until I created a /contrib/info/dir file with the install-info
command, applied to  Users will probaly want to

export INFOPATH="/usr/info:/contrib/info:/contrib/lib/xemacs-21.0-b67/info"

to allow info to find xemacs docs.

Nonetheless, I'm now much better informed and can work
around both issues without trouble.

My thanks to all of the following for their help:
Eric Christopher
Chris Faylor
John R. Hanson
Stefan Petrucha
Earnie Boyd

Doug Wyatt

My question was...
> ... Cygwin CD (v1.0)
>     ... I ran into two problems, both of which I've already
> reported to Cygwin-Support.  I've received a non-resolution type
> response to the 'info' question, but none to the readline problem,
> so far.  I thought I'd see if anyone reading this list might have any
> ideas.
> A.  "info info" and "info diff" don't work, both yield a directory page
>     which doesn't contain entries for these docs.  The long forms
>     "info -f /usr/info/info" and "info -f /usr/info/diff" do work properly.
>     "export INFOPATH="/usr/info:/contrib/info" doesn't help.
> B.  I ran across two problems with text entry into the bash shell.
>     I use "set -o vi" and a simple ".inputrc":
>     # Make Bash 8bit clean
>        set meta-flag on
>        set convert-meta off
>        set output-meta on
>     # Ignore case while completing
>        set completion-ignore-case on
>     At first, I couldn't enter an 's', though I did discover that ctrl-v-s
>     worked.  After turning off the "set -o vi" (reverting to emacs) and
>     commenting-out the .inputrc entries, the 's' was accepted and
>     then after putting the .inputrc back the way it was and going
>     back to the "set -o vi" the 's' continued to work okay - so much
>     for diagnosing that problem!
>     However, the second input problem is persistent.  Whenever I
>     enter a TAB at the beginning of a line, the bash shell goes off
>     and starts doing... something!  I can hear the disk chattering,
>     I can watch files and directories being accessed (though it
>     seems not written to) through the Systems Internals Filemon
>     tool, but I don't have a clue as to what is running.
>     I assume this has something to do with readline, and I've tried
>     digging through the bash manual and the readline docs, but I
>     haven't yet figured out how to further diagnose what's is going
>     on, or how to stop it.
> Does anyone have any ideas about the info thing, or the magic TAB?

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