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Re: B20.1: CR-LF translation not always handled properly

It sounds to me as if your setup is broken rather than cygwin.  To mix Mingw32
(or any other win32 native package) and Cygwin you _have_to_have_ text mounts
and at times export CYGWIN=... nobinmode ... instead of binmode.  The default
for Win32 packages is to write the \r\n on line endings and you must process in
text mode or modify the package to deal with the \r on the end of the line.


--- Jon Leichter <> wrote:
> I have read through your FAQs and searched your mailing list, and I not have
> been able to find information about the problem that I am reporting:
> Rather than use the Mingw32 support in the version of 'gcc' supplied with
> Cygwin, I decided to download and install on my system.
> I
> had chosen this option because I wanted the most up to date Mingw32 system,
> and I didn't want to have to apply the various patches to the 'gcc' system
> installed with Cygwin. To make sure that I ended up using Mingw32 compiler
> tools, I made sure that its 'bin' directory preceded Cygwin's 'bin' directory
> in my PATH.
> Early on, I noticed that various tools from the standalone Mingw32 package
> generates the CR-LF pair in its output. (Cygwin's tools do not). This should
> be ok, because Cygwin's environment is supposed to account for this
> possibility. However, this is not always the case. The following are two
> examples where I had problems:
> - I found a problem with bash's command substitution. Using the standalone
> Mingw32 package, one could do the following:
> 	$ xx=`gcc -pring-prog-name=ld`
> The value of xx ends up being "ld^M". If I then use this variable with
> various
> shell commands, I do not get the correct results. For instance the following
> would evaluate to false (if ld was in the current directory):
> 	$ test -f ./$xx
> Thus, it seems as though command substitution in bash is broken. It should be
> filtering the output of commands for the potential need to do a CR-LF
> translation. (Note that Cygwin's version of 'gcc' does not generate the CR
> character in its output, so this problem does not surface).
> I found this problem when running a 'configure' script. 'configure' was
> unable
> to verify that I had an 'ld' binary on my system as a result.
> - Another command that is likely to be broken is Cygwin's 'sed' command. I
> found this out, as well, while running a 'configure' script. 'sed' fails to
> parse the output from Mingw32's 'nm' command because the 'nm' command
> generates CR-LF pairs in its output.
> As an example, if you wanted to translate all of the external symbol output
> of
> 'nm' into symbol names only, one might try:
> 	$ nm -g xx.o | sed -e 's/[0-9a-z]* [ABCDGISTW] \([_A-Za-z0-9]*\)$/\1/'
> Because the output of Mingw32's 'nm' generates ^M characters at the end, the
> above command fails. The key to this failure is that prior to '$', the only
> permitted characters are [_A-Za-z0-9], which does NOT include the ^M
> character.
> As a result of this problem, the 'configure' script that I was running was
> unable to successfully interpret 'nm' output.
> ---
> Basically, a bunch of Cygwin's tools are probably broken. Note that not all
> tools should be adjusted. For instance, 'od' does the correct thing (using
> stdin in binary mode). If this were not the case, I might not had tracked
> down
> the problem.
> I also noticed that the 'grep' command seems to do the 'right' thing. If I
> pipe output through grep, it translates CR-LF pairs into LF.
> One might argue that the problem is with Mingw32's standalone package, that
> its tools should not be generating the CR-LF pair in its output. But, this
> does not seem reasonable, since these tools are expected to run in the DOS
> environment as well.
> Like I said, I suspect that there are more 'broken' tools, but I have not had
> the time to chase them down. In order for me to do my work, I had to abandon
> using the standalone Mingw32 package in Cygwin, and I now, instead, use
> Cygwin's built-in support for Mingw32 (with update patches applied).
> System Information
> ------------------
> Pentium II 400 MHz
> 128 MB RAM
> Windows NT Server 4.0
> Cygwin B20.1
> Mingw32 gcc 2.95
> Jon Leichter
> --
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