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Re: Available soon -- Cygwin on a CD

On Sat, Oct 16, 1999 at 04:56:23PM +0200, Per Abrahamsen wrote:
>Here are two questions you should be able to answer...
>1. The web page claims only NT 4.0 sp3 is supported.  
>   Does that mean it won't work under Win95?

In final testing, our QE department found that there were sporadic
problems doing a full build of every single utility on the CD.  What
would happen was that *sometimes* after twenty minutes or so of
building, Windows 98 would hang.

So, the QE department insisted that the CD could not be considered to be
usable on Windows 98.

My opinion is that since everything runs more or less perfectly on
Windows NT, that the problems are undoubtedly related to bugs in Windows
98.  For use when you aren't doing twenty minute builds, it should work

This is basically no different than any net release in the last two+

Oh, and I heard that there were problems with vim and screen
highlighting on Windows 98.  This was reported to me after the CD was
released so I didn't have a chance to look into this.  Once again, this
is undoubtedly due to Windows 98 console handling bugs.

We are actively looking for ways around the problems in Windows 9x.
When we are convinced that we have solved them we'll provide an updated
cygwin1.dll on the web site.

>2. What versions of gcc and cvs are bundled?

CVS is vesrion 1.10.  gcc is basically the same version as our Code
Fusion product.  It does not exactly correspond to any EGCS release.
Code Fusion had some optimizations for PII compilers which I don't
believe have been integrated into any EGCS release yet.

The version reported is 2.9-cygwin-990803 .

>It might be a good idea to list version numbers on the web pages for
>all the bundled software.

I'll forward this feedback along to the maintainers of the product
web page.

Thanks for the questions, the comments, and the support.


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