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ld or gcc failing?


I have the following problem:

I compiled many C modules, and I'm using `ld' to build a '.a' library file
and it fails with the following error:
rm -f Dobj3.a
ld -r -o Dobj3.a do243d.o re247d.o in245d.o bo251d.o ch249d.o po253d.o
st254d.o tu221d.o io205d.o fi
227d.o di257d.o ar237d.o do242d.o in244d.o ra228d.o re246d.o id278d.o
ra223d.o co238d.o ch248d.o bo2
50d.o di201d.o se255d.o po252d.o un218d.o cu236d.o ha239d.o co225d.o
fi222d.o ha241d.o fi258d.o bo21
9d.o pr229d.o ci240d.o pl224d.o st206d.o pa256d.o me200d.o we207d.o we281d.o
we230d.o we232d.o h2290
d.o we210d.o we217d.o we284d.o we270d.o we211d.o we292d.o we209d.o we287d.o
we212d.o we298d.o we261d
.o we213d.o we233d.o we262d.o we299d.o we295d.o we296d.o we214d.o we273d.o
we276d.o we279d.o we274d.
o we283d.o we202d.o we234d.o we297d.o we293d.o we235d.o we288d.o we263d.o
we203d.o we259d.o we216d.o
 we294d.o we264d.o we282d.o we269d.o we220d.o we280d.o we204d.o we291d.o
we289d.o we285d.o we272d.o
we265d.o we231d.o we260d.o we277d.o we208d.o we275d.o we266d.o we267d.o
we286d.o we226d.o we268d.o w
e271d.o we215d.o
ld: Dobj3.a: reloc overflow: 0x1808d > 0xffff
Dobj3.a: final close failed: File truncated
make: *** [Dobj3.a] Error 1

Then I tried to concatenate all my small C modules into one `BIG.c' file and
then compile it, it fails with:
bash-2.02$ make
gcc -D_WIN32_IE=0x0400 -mno-cygwin  -DWORKBENCH -c BIG.c
bin/as.exe: BIG.o: reloc overflow: 0x1808d > 0xffff
BIG.o: File truncated
C:\TEMP/ccAIcaaa.s: Assembler messages:
C:\TEMP/ccAIcaaa.s:142442: FATAL: Can't close BIG.o
: File truncated
make: *** [BIG.o] Error 1

Here is the version I'm using:
bash-2.02$ gcc -v
Reading specs from
gcc version 2.95 19990728 (release)
bash-2.02$ ld -v
GNU ld version 2.9.4 (with BFD 2.9.4)

Do you have an idea of what could be wrong?
Thanks in advance

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