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RE: Tcl exposes problem with cygwin/echo?

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> From: Mike Kuhl []
> Sent: Monday, July 12, 1999 5:19 PM
> To: 'cygwin mailing list'
> Subject: Tcl exposes problem with cygwin/echo?
> I seem to be having a problem.  I'm using cygwin B20.  When I 
> invoke a tcl interactive shell, and do this:
> % set test {"This is a test."}
> % exec echo $test
> I get this:
> "This is a test.\
> Under unix, I get the expected behaviour:
> "This is a test."
> Can anyone explain what the problem is, or what I'm doing 
> wrong?  Any help would be much appreciated.

I see that too.  If I go to a shell and invoke Cygwin echo directly, as 

.\echo "This is a test."

it is handled properly. I can also get it to output the expected 
value within a tcl shell by removing the " around "This is a test".

I see the same problem whether I run itcl_sh or itcl_wish, and whether 
I do it from bash or another shell (4DOS, in my case).

The problem seems to happen in the handoff by exec from Tcl to 
echo, where something is mishandling the double quote char.

Tcl 7.6 on my SCO Unix server handles it properly.

For that matter, I had several different Win32 ports of Tcl from 
other sources, before I acquired the b20 Cygwin distribution.  
Since I'd like to reduce confusion and have _one_ Tcl version on 
my machine, I did a bit of testing.  I discovered that the Cygwin 
ports did not properly run some of the standard tcl scripts from 
the other distributions - I had to use the (apparently identical) 
scripts provided with the Cygwin tools to get the expected behavior.  
I haven't had the time to delve into it very deeply, so I have _no_
idea what is going on there thus far.  

Dennis McCunney
Technical Manager
Manhattan Phone Center
212 387 7550 Voice
212 387 8180 Fax

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