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"no" diff with 19990330 snapshot under W95; Unknown job 1073741825

$100,000 + INCOME

Re: '%' in filenames causes problems for cygwin

(fix) egcs-1.1.2/mingw libg2c patch

Re: (t)ch scripts on the PATH

Re: 2 newbie questions

[ANN] Howto create Netscape win32 plugin with GCC

[ANN] new apache-1.3.6 and php-3.0.7 ports released

Re: [ANN] new Perl distribution for cygwin-b20.1

[ANN] screen saver library

[FAQ autopost] gnuwin32 resource pointer

Re: [Fwd: tcsh.exe]

Re: [REQ] Tcl/Expect Port Information

[update] Java JNI examples updated

_O_CREAT instead of _O_CREATE in fcntl.h (b20)

AD:Family Reunion T Shirts & More

ADV: Premium TV Channels......No Monthly Bills!

Re: Afterstep avec X11R6.4 B20

Re: again: mixing GNU and MS tools/libraries...

Re: ANNOUNCE: cygwin `ldd' script

Re: AS/400 QOpenSys ln support

Re: as: 'Unrecognized option'

B20 : Uninstaller didn't find Path to

Re: B20.1 "reloc table overflow" problem

Re: B20.1: bash freeze-up on Windows NT 4 Workstation

B20.1: fork bug? and cygwin_winpid_to_pid bug?

RE: B20.1: NT - Cannot install from full-split directory

B20.1: Pipes and awk

Re: B20.1: Scripts not executed in the current directory (bash)

Re: B20: g++ / gdb problem

bad screen number "0" when trying to run tk

Re: bash info files??

Batty Peril scripts.perl?)

RE: Better console for Win95

bug: beta 20.1 under NT 4.0 with SP4 and IIS4 - 1 of 2

bug: beta 20.1 under NT 4.0 with SP4 and IIS4 - 2 of 2

Re: Building DBI 1.06 using Win32 cygwin-based perl5.005_03

Re: Building DLL's

Re: building egcs snapshot under W95: fails to process #include

Re: Building native tools using cross tools

Building pgplot 5.2 with cygwin b20.1

Re: closing rxvt / paste in bash / ps

Re: CoInitialize(NULL)?

Re: Command history problem?

Re: compiling problem

Re: Compiling with "-O2 -s" and crashing.

Re: configure b20.1 fails

Re: cp to //a takes very long time

Re: cron jobs don't run


Re: Cygwin - help

Cygwin B20.1 Expect: timeout broken, nonmatching pattern hangs forever

Re: Cygwin FCVT Bug

RE: Cygwin Fonts

Re: CygWin MAKE problem.

Re: cygwin or egcs bug ?

Re: Cygwin-make does not behave like Unix-Gnu-make

RE: cygwin.dll

Cygwin32 latest dev-src under NT SP4

RE: debug: chmod /dev/tty1 0666 failed: No such file or directory

Re: Debugger?

Re: DejaGnu

dir file for full-man/info

Re: DirectX and COM objects

DLLs: forwarding exported symbols

Does <auto_ptr> work with gcc in cygwin land?

Re: Does <auto_ptr> work with gcc in cygwin land?s

Re: does bash provide scrolling ?

Re: does bash provide scrolling under WinDos9x?

Re: DOSish patch to ppt split

Earn Money from Home!!

EGCS 1.1.2 - Mingw32 - wxWindows 2.0

Re: EGCS 1.1.2 - Mingw32 - wxWindows 2.0

Re: egcs 1.1.2 win32 dir bug

Re: EGCS 112 won't run

Re: EGCS 112 won't run -- Fixed

Re: egcs vs gcc

Re: egcs, Linux, Borland C

Re: egcs-1.1.2: compiler crash with stdcall, cdecl attributes

Re: egcs-2.9.66 (B20.1) errors

Error during compile of latest developer sources

Re: Error reading line numbers ?

Re: ERROR: Could not start XEmacs or gnuclient

Re: errors in dejagnu's own testsuite

Exception when starting application

Re: An executable on a non-cygwin PC : the solution

Re: Executing a program on a non-cygwin PC

Re: FAQ???

Re: A few questions.

Re: flock() function

RE: FTP library

Re: full-man

FXDR library for Cygwin-20.1

g77/GDB problem

Re: gcc -U_WIN32 pitfalls!

Re: gcc and native winsock2

Re: GCL ported to cygwin?

generating .dbg from a cygwin generated exe using gcc?

Re: geteuid() / -mno-cygwin

Re: gethostname

Re: Good command shell to run cygwin under

Re: GS5.50 under 20.1 : compiling=ok, running!=ok

Re: help with serial ports

Help with serial ports -- thanks!

RE: HELP! - Please

Help! How to load an existing dll into cygwish80?

Re: How can I view the man packages?

RE: how to stop auto logout?

How to use dd ?

RE: in execvp.c undefined reference to 'posix_path_list_p'

Re: Incorrect typedef in Wingdi.h


Re: info - again

RE: info - again - where to find trans.exe

RE: info: dir: No such file or directory

installation problem

Re: JNI C return NaN for float and double

Re: jni,egcs1.1.2 compiling problem

Re: Just installed cygwin

kaffe configuring

Re: Latest SnapShot

Fw: LessTif 0.88.1 for Cygwin-B20.1 now available

Re: libmsvcrt.a and fflush (help!)

Re: LibWWW

Limited time offer. #2EB3

Re: Linking with several DLLs

Re: Loading a cygwin generated dll from a non-cygwin app

Re: Locate error?

Re: long path names

Re: make 3.77

Re: MAKE and MinGW32 problems.

Re: make install

RE: make keeps running config.status

Re: malloc and free mixing in VC++ and cygwin

Re: Mesa 3.0

Re: mingw32 winsock.h

mixing GNU and MS tools/libraries to build a DLL

Re: mkdir, ls ... commands not found?!

Re: multi-volume tar archive on floppies

Re: ncurses 4.2 and B20.1 install fail (.exe)

new feature in cygwin version of rpm-2.5.6

A new PGPLOT driver for GNU-Win32


Newbie - Where are the ports of GNU apps?

No virus in user.exe

Re: No X windows :-(

Re: NT or 95

Re: nt sshd problems for newbie

Re: Object file viewers

package for the web error : corrupt cabinet file!

Re: part 2: mixing GNU and MS tools/libraries...

part 3: mixing GNU and MS tools/libraries...

Re: Perl NT vs Cygnus build

perl system("kill") function

Perl5 vs cygwinB20

Perl5.005_03 build test results...

Re: Port of ddd-3.1.4 to cygwin 20.1

Porting BiBtool 2.43

Porting: Can I use WinNT Fibers? cygwin or mingw32?

Re: postscript tools

Re: pre-compiled Perl

RE: pre-compiled perl with fork

Re: Precompiled Headers w/ Apple's cpp?

Re: precompiled perl?

Re: problem running dvips

RE: problem running dvips - xdvi solution

Problem with calloc

Re: Problem with DllWrap tool

Problem with DLLWrap tools

Re: Problem with getenv

Re: Problems with maillist archive searches

Re: Problems with stdio & stderr

Re: putenv does not put env into win32?

Re: putmsg and getmsg library routines

Question about shell accounts...

Question: khoros under cygwin

Re: random_shuffle failure on B20.1?

Re: Regex woes (and possible solution)

Re: running Cygwin shell scripts from a bat file

running Cygwin shell scripts from a bat file (Was: precompiled perl?)

Re: running Cygwin shell scripts from a bat file (Was: precompiledperl?)

running GS5.50 : problem solved !

Re: rxvt win32 port updated

s.v. at XOpenDisplay called by a dll

s.v. at XOpenDisplay... help please!

Re: satisfied customer + RFC

Re: Screen Saver Library

Searching cygwin.dll for win95


Serial Class for g++?

Re: SERVICE_MAIN_FUNCTION wrong parameter?

Re: set_new_handler

Re: Shell scripts called *.exe

Re: Shell scripts under Cygwin32

Re: Shell32 functions' definitions in Cygwin and Mingw32

FW: Small Problem with Cygnus

Re: Snapshop 04/07 have a problem?

Re: spawning nmake from a gnumake Makefile

Re: specs defaulting to -mno-cygwin

ssh site [Re: debug: chmod /dev/tty1 0666 failed: No such file or directory]

Re: ssh under cygwin


Re: STDIN redirection under GDB

Strange Bash Problem

Re: Stripped dll.

Re: Success porting GLE/Troubles with Bibtool

Re: tail -f <file name> locks <file name>

Tar utillity

To use or not to use -lc [RE: in execvp.c undefined ...]


Re: undefined references for GUI library using Mingw32

Re: Unhandled exceptions in cygwin1.dll when using bash on WinNT

Re: unsubscribe

UPD: GNUWin32 package report

Re: Updated rxvt patch

Using dll's.

Re: Using Microsoft DLL's in GNU C

Re: Very Newbie question

Re: VGUI v 1.21 problem

Re: VGUI v 1.21 problem solved


Virus in user.exe

Re: Wanted: precompiled tcsh with Cygwin b20.

What are the solutions to the "vfork" and "install-sh" problems?

Why does gcc -O2 fail on B20.1 and NT?

Re: Why does gcc -O2 fail on B20.1 and NT? (More info)

wine and beer ....

Re: X11R6.4 clients w/X11R5 server


Re: XVRT is always stdin, not a terminal? Help?

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