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Re: How can I view the man packages?

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> I have a precompiled version of info-2.18, which works on my
> pc without problems. Because many people in this group seems
> to miss sth like this, I will publish it in the next days on

I have placed a precompiled text-mount version of info-3.12b at
<>. This is a temp location.

This info package contains the info, install-info, and makeinfo
binaries and all the info files built from texinfo-3.12b.

Also included in the info package is a "dir" file with all
special control characters and tabs required by Info. There's a
"fix-info-dir" script for adding menus to the dir file.

Everything there was built on W95 using only text mounts. All text
files are archived in Windows/DOS format.

Also, there's a "flip" package there for converting text files back
and forth between *nix and DOS.


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