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Re: Shell32 functions' definitions in Cygwin and Mingw32

Hello Mumit, you wrote:
>> Where shall I mail the diffs?
>You can send the changes to the list where everybody gets them at the
>same time.
Okay, so here they are.

>btw, we're moving to Anders Norlander's w32api package that is quite
>complete, and these problems may already be fixed there. See:
>Current release is 0.1.5 and Anders is putting together a new release 
>right now.
>The next releases of all the development tools (and next Cygwin release)
>will use Anders' w3api instead of the current windows32api package.
Okay, I'll have a look at it. (If I find the time. :-\)

BTW: I thought the current headers are some mixture of Anders' and
traditional headers. Therefore it seemed to me that the merging
produced that conflicts between shellapi.h and the Windows32/*-Files.
Silly thing... :)
bye, Michael



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