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Re: cron jobs don't run


Sorry, I don't have much time at the moment, but I have taken
a look into it and have found, that you have described many
different problems:

> error invoking sexecl: 2

   The error code 2 from sexecl has possibly the reason, that
   you don't have a shell in the /bin directory, named "sh"
   or "sh.exe". If this is the case, please create a /bin directory,
   copy bash to it and name it sh.

> I setup a cron job this evening. .cron.stdout is a
> much larger file (about 623K). It is a binary file and
> when I opened it with vi, it had the following line at

   The binary output in .cron.stdout is a strange behaviour and
   I have seen it today for the first time. It seems to happen
   only in the case of an error while the fork/exec code. I don't
   have a chance, to debug it in the next few weeks. Contributions
   and bug fixes are welcome.

> > I checked $HOME/.* but there are no output files
> > here. Appreciate any ideas on debugging this.
> I noticed that the .cron.stderr and .cron.stdout files
> were getting created all the time in
> /var/cron.

   You haven't set a home directory in your /etc/passwd
   file. cron uses the /var/cron directory, if it can't
   read a home dir from /etc/passwd. Do you have a /etc/passwd
   file? If not, create one by using "mkpasswd".
   The "crontab" behaviour, to take a looong time, may have
   an analogous reason.

Hope, this helps,

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