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Re: Problems with stdio & stderr

On Thu, Apr 29, 1999 at 11:12:10AM -0700, Stewart, Wayne wrote:
>> expect relies on cygwin ptys to do its magic.  It is unlikely that
>> you'll be able to make things work if you are trying to use non-cygwin
>> functions for reading and writing.
>This seems to imply that expect/dejagnu are only useful for
>automating/testing "pure" Cygwin applications.  Is that the intent, or
>is the goal to make them more general purpose tools for the Win32
>platform eventually?

The intent of getting expect/dejagnu working was to allow us to test
the tools that we use here which are all based on cygwin.  Expect is
nearly there but there are still some problems.

We do not have any need to get expect working with generic Win32
tools so there are no plans to do so.

As usual, however, we gladly accept net contributions.

>It also leads me to beleive that it would be *very*
>difficult to port these to Mingw32, no?


>What about the emacs shell issue?  Is this more easily addressed?

I have no idea.  Sorry.


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