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Re: ERROR: Could not start XEmacs or gnuclient

Chuck Hunley wrote:

> Thanks for the info.  I have tried and verified all your suggestions, but it
> is still not starting via runemacs.exe.  No other error messages are
> displayed.  I've even added the location of runemacs and xemacs to my path.
> I think I'll have to get the source code and do some debugging.
> I can go into Windows Explorer->View->Folder Options, select the File Types
> tab and change my .c and .h files to use runemacs...and this works.
> Chuck

One last thing to try: download "run.exe" from This package
contains a more robust version of runemacs, and is in the official tree for
XEmacs 21.2. Unpack it, and rename the pre-compiled binary, "run-cygwinb20.exe"
to "runxemacs.exe" and put it in the same directory as the xemacs binary [NOTE
the "x" in run"x"emacs]. Then try executing runxemacs.


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