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Problems with stdio & stderr


Thanks, but that did not make a difference.
(I didn't have a CYGWIN env var set, so I
believe I was running with "notty" anyway,
if that's the default.)  Here's a summary
of the circumstances under which
stdio/stderr output is seen from the Win32

    CYGWIN=                    tty    notty
    ---------------------      ---    -----
    DOS box                    yes     yes
    Cygwin (bash) box           no     yes
    Emacs (bash) shell          no      no
    Cygwin dejagnu/expect       no      no

In the emacs case, tty returns "not a tty".

(Just a thought: this problem seems similar
to that of the recent thread on Cygwin PATH
env var vs. Win32 PATH env var.)

Any thoughts on whether the callback workaround
will work?  What if my callback needs to take
a variable # of args like printf.  Will a
Win32 call pass the right type of va_list to
a Cygwin function?

Is there any documentation on what changes
were made in cygtclsh80/expect/dejagnu to
port them to Cygwin?  Particularly, how the
stuff that expect does with tty's was


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Earnie Boyd []
> Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 1999 6:55 PM
> To: Stewart, Wayne; ''
> Subject: Re: Problems with maillist archive searches
> SET CYGWIN=notty
> The communication channels between cygwin and non-cygwin 
> binaries must be set
> this way.
> Earnie.
> --- "Stewart, Wayne" <> wrote:
> > 
> > 
> > I have a cygwin program that calls
> > into a Windows DLL.  The windows
> > DLL writes to stdout & stderr.
> > The Win32 stdout/stderr appear to
> > be different than the CygWin
> > stdout/stderr.  For instance, if
> > I run said program in an NTemacs
> > shell (bash), I see the cygwin
> > stdout/stderr writes but the
> > ones from the Win32 DLL have
> > disappeared, even though they
> > were there in a regular bash
> > shell and/or DOS box.  Likewise
> > dejagnu/expect does not see the
> > Win32 stdout/stderr text.
> > What's going on here?  Can I
> > write to Cygwin's stdout/stderr
> > from within my Win32 DLL, so that
> > emacs & dejagnu will see all my
> > program's output?  Perhaps I could
> > pass a callback function into the
> > Win32 DLL to do the writes using
> > Cygwin's functions & file descriptors?
> > 

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