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Re: ERROR: Could not start XEmacs or gnuclient

Chuck Hunley wrote:

> When trying to start this version XEmacs:
> The experimental installer for XEmacs 21.0.b67 from
> I keep getting an error "Could not start XEmacs or gnuclient" and XEmacs
> never starts.  This is via runemacs.exe.  xemacs.exe works fine, but the
> command prompt window is displayed.  I had this problem with
> xemacs-install-990105.exe 21.0.62b doing the same thing, but I could start
> it from Start->Run.   This one did work at one time.  So, I'm sure it's
> nothing with either one of these builds, but some configuration problem.
> BTW: I have removed all .emacs and  _emacs.  Tried rebooting and even ran
> RegClean.
> Running:
> Windows NT 4.0 with SP3
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Chuck

Two things...first, runemacs needs to be in the same directory as xemacs.exe.
Second, check your registry - the old installer modified two registry keys:


These two keys may still be pointing to the old install directory.

--Chuck Wilson

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