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egcs 1.1.2 win32 dir bug

Hi Mumit ;-)

the change in DIR_SEPARATOR in xm-cygwin32.h
causes this. egcs 1.1.2 outputs tmp\file.[ios]
when given a file argument tmp\file.c[c]

at the bash prompt

gcc -save-temps -c tmp\\main.c
outputs tmp\\main.i tmp\\main.o tmp\\main.s

gcc -c tmp/main.c
outputs ./main.i ./main.o ./main.s

apparently the input_basename argument substituted for %b in specs
is being output incorrectly when the dir separator is '\\' in input_filename.

Maybe just #ifdef with __CYGWIN__ && __MINGW32__ around line 5297 in gcc.c?
are there any other DIR_SEPARATOR's used on other platforms?

	  input_basename = input_filename;
	  for (p = input_filename; *p; p++)
	    if (*p == '/'
#if defined(__CYGWIN__) || defined(__MINGW32__)
             || *p == '\\'
             || *p == DIR_SEPARATOR)
	      input_basename = p + 1;

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