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Problems with maillist archive searches


I did the following maillist search at

    Search: cygwin
    Search for: stdio stderr
    When to seach: Since a Year Ago

I got 283 matches on 6 pages
(at 50 hits per page).  Reasonable.

When I follow the link for page 2,
all of a sudden I have 787 hits on
16 pages and the search period has
changed from "Since a Year Ago" to
"All Time".

Anybody else had similar problems?

Now, having given up on searching
the maillist archives, here's my
potentially pre-asked question:

I have a cygwin program that calls
into a Windows DLL.  The windows
DLL writes to stdout & stderr.
The Win32 stdout/stderr appear to
be different than the CygWin
stdout/stderr.  For instance, if
I run said program in an NTemacs
shell (bash), I see the cygwin
stdout/stderr writes but the
ones from the Win32 DLL have
disappeared, even though they
were there in a regular bash
shell and/or DOS box.  Likewise
dejagnu/expect does not see the
Win32 stdout/stderr text.
What's going on here?  Can I
write to Cygwin's stdout/stderr
from within my Win32 DLL, so that
emacs & dejagnu will see all my
program's output?  Perhaps I could
pass a callback function into the
Win32 DLL to do the writes using
Cygwin's functions & file descriptors?



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