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Re: [Fwd: tcsh.exe]

Hi Jim,

I really don't know, what happens on your pc.
I have checked it out with different CYGWIN settings. My test script:

	echo hello

It worked under any circumstances. I have to say, that I don't use the
original B20.1 version but my own version with tape support and newer
snapshots (990303 with own extensions at the moment).
Would you like to try it with a newer snapshot? The 19990115 version
should be a good choice.


Jim Craven wrote:
> Here is a bit more info on my last email.
> The first example is a fine run of the csh mt_plot script.  The first line in
> the script is #!/bin/csh -f which is located as C:\bin\csh.exe (and csh.exe is a
> copy of tsch.exe).  I have tried it with the #!/bin/tcsh in the first line
> too.
> ag-148>cd /usr/local/bin
> ag-149>./mt_plot -h
> USAGE: mt_plot <file> -b -s -t
> USAGE: mt_plot alt015.dat -b
>  -b  : work in batch mode
>  -s  : scale apparent resisitivities
>  -t  : scale period
> The first example works fine but the script must be in the pwd.
> This second example tries to execute the same script by picking it
> off somewehere else on the PATH.
> ag-149>mt_plot
> /usr/local/bin/mt_plot: Permission denied.
> The problem occurs no matter whether the shell I use to invoke
> the script is bash or the tcsh.    I have done the chmod a+x
> 'til I am blue in teh face :-)
> Thanks for any help,
> Jim
> -------- Original Message --------
> From: Jim Craven <>
> Subject: tcsh.exe
> To:
> Hello,
> Thanks for providing tcsh.exe to the world or at least porting it
> to cygwin.   I am running B20.1 yet I find I can only run scripts if the
> script is in my current directory.  Is this what I should expect?
> The following note *seems* to indicate scripts should run, presumably
> without restriction, from anywhere on the path for B20.1 users:
>     --------- The following note is withdrawn since B20.1 ---------
>      - At the moment, tcsh is only useful as login shell, because of an
>        error in cygwin1.dll, which will be fixed in the next release.
> (extracted from:
> Do you find this problem also or can you run a script that is anywhere
> in your path?
> Regards,
> Jim
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