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(t)ch scripts on the PATH


Simply put, can (t)csh scripts be run from anywhere on the PATH
in a B20.1 environment?  

I am using tcsh.exe downloaded from and provided by 
Corinna Vinschen.  It is  installed in /bin and invoked in the 
1st line of a script as #!/bin/tcsh.

If I run a csh script from the current pwd (eg ./cshscript) it works.
If I pick it up off elsewhere in the path then it fails
with a 'Permission denied.' message.

The problem occurs no matter whether the shell I use to invoke
the script is bash or the tcsh, or if the script is on a local or samba

Thanks for any help and apologies if I have misunderstood the notes
in Michael Hirmke's porters text:

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