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Re: multi-volume tar archive on floppies

Denis Laroche wrote:
> Hi all,
> i'm running the latest version of the user tools (B20.1) and trying to
> create a multi-volume tar archive on floppies with the following
> command:
> bash-2.02$ tar --create --multi-volume --file=//a/tarfile.tar  /Program\
> Files/Tcl/lib

You should specify the volume size (tape length) in kilo-bytes:
tar --tape-length=1390 --multi-volume -create --file=//a/foo.tar <files>

or shorter:
tar -L 1390 -Mcf //a/foo.tar <files>

1390 kbytes is the largest size of a file you can fit on a standard
FAT formatted HD floppy (although the file will appear to be 1420 kb).
Using Corinna's cygwin patches for raw device access you should be able
to write directly to the floppy device (I haven't tested this).


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