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s.v. at XOpenDisplay called by a dll

Hi there.
From one side I am glad to tell you that I finally succeded in building 
any kind of dll and getting them loaded by ME10 (ref.: mixing GNU and MS 
tools/libraries...). *Some* of them also work fine :-)
Maybe in another mail I tell you my point of view about this experience.

I also succeded in getting an authonomuos program working fine using the
Cygwin dll
(not with mingw, but this is another story).
This program makes substantial graphics I/O and I could port it from an X ws
to a Win NT pc, without substantial changes to the sources.

From the other side I must say that I hit a rock which may sink this
project if
a solution is not found quickly.
The problem now is to be able to open an X terminal from a dll that I have
in ME10. This is not working here (I am using a plain Cygwin 20.1
The graphics interface of this dll shares most of the code of the other
so I cannot figure out why the program runs and the dll doesn't.
I even wrote a very simple dll which just makes a call to XOpenDisplay.
Well, no way, I get a segmentation violation signal.
Is this a known problem? Can someone help? 

BTW, debugging a dll loaded at run time is very hard given the available
The main problen is that I cannot set a breakpoint in the dll code before
loading it, but after I have loaded it, gdb is unresponsive to ^C like it
does on a ws.
Can someone tell me the magic to get gdb sense the interrupts?

--- Glauco Masotti

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