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cygwin or egcs bug ?

The following code compiles fine with gcc- (using linux) but
barfs with an internal compiler error when using egcs-1.1.2 (using
Mingw32 or Cygwin32).  I haven't tried it with linux egcs yet but I will
try that when I get home tonight.

The error message is
"/home/noer/src/b20/comp-tools/devo/gcc/expr.c:2468: Internal compiler
error in function emit_move_insn_1"

Is this a bug or have I got some kind of weird code that should be
changed to be more portable ?
Any ideas or patches ??

Brendan Simon.

struct GEN_REG
        volatile unsigned long  status[4];
        volatile unsigned long  control[4];

struct DEV
        volatile GEN_REG                genReg;

#define         DevPtr  ( (volatile DEV * const) 0x1000000 )

int main()
        // This works OK.
        DevPtr->genReg.status[0] = 0x00000000;
        DevPtr->genReg.status[1] = 0x00000000;
        DevPtr->genReg.status[2] = 0x00000000;
        DevPtr->genReg.status[3] = 0x00000000;

        // This causes compiler to barf !!!
        for( int i = 0; i < 4; i++ )
                DevPtr->genReg.status[i] = 0x00000000;

        return 0;

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