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B20.1: fork bug? and cygwin_winpid_to_pid bug?

I'm trying to use the Cynus stuff to write an NT service and am
running into a couple problems.  The first is that fork() doesn't work
from an NT Service, the second is that cygwin_winpid_to_pid()
doesn't seem to work properly.  I'm using NT4 Workstation, service pack 3

Attached (I hope!) is a .zip file that contains a modified version of the
service" sample that ships with Microsoft's Developer Studio.  I've changed
so that about all it does is fork()/exec() the notepad application and then
wait to be killed. Everything works great when running the service in debug
mode (starting it with -debug argument) but the fork fails when the service
started from the services control panel. I catch the following on stderr
when the
problem occurs:

[unknown (0xA1)] forktest 1349 (1) sync_with_child: child 100(0x84) died
before initialization with status code 0xC00000FD
[unknown (0xA1)] forktest 1349 (0) sync_with_child: *** child state waiting
for longjmp

I would happily forget about the fork() bug and just use the native
API but the service needs to kill its children when it dies and I can't use
to send SIGTERM because I can't get a cygwin pid from a win pid:
cygwin_winpid_to_pid() returns -1 for the pid of the process I created with
CreateProcess(), even if it shouldn't.  By shouldn't I mean I can do a "ps"
a shell and the process I created is shown there.  The attached sample
demonstrates this problem as well, I do a CreateProcess() on cygwish80.exe.

About the sample:
- no makefile, to build I just do a "gcc -o forktest *.c" and that works

- when running as an NT Service it writes stderr to /tmp/forktest_stderr,
  make sure /tmp exists before running

- once compiled, the service is "installed" by running it with a "-install"
  , uninstalled by running it with a "-remove" argument, and run in debug
  by giving it a "-debug" argument.

- while running in debug mode the service can be stopped by sending it a

- the StartProcess* functions in the simple.c module contain hard-wired
paths to
  cygwish80 and notepad.  they will probably need to be changed in order to
  run on computers other than mine.

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