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RE: HELP! - Please

> Oh!  This has to do with porting issues.  To execute the 
> script from cygtclsh80
> you'll have to `sh -c /tmp/junk' and make sure that the DOS 
> PATH can find
> sh.exe.

Thank you.  That works!

    bash$ cygtclsh80
    % sh -c /tmp/junk
    Test executing a shell script from cygtclsh80
    % exec /tmp/junk
    couldn't execute "\tmp\junk": no such file or directory
    % exit

So, getting back to my original original question - why
dejagnu fails its testsuite (remember that one?): this
would mean dejagnu has a bug, since 'runtest' exec's
configure scripts (which are also #!/bin/sh scripts) -
like 'config.guess' to get the target_triplet under certain
circumstances.  It uses cygtclsh80's 'exec' command and
does not use 'sh -c'.  Dejagnu's testsuite also exec's
runtest which is a sh script (using expect, not cygtclsh80,
but with the same result).

Hello dejagnu maintainer!  Are you out there somewhere?


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