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RE: HELP! - Please

--- "Stewart, Wayne" <> wrote:
> So now we have 3 questions:
> 1) Do you need a directory to exist before
>    mounting on the directory (like UNIX), if so,
>    why just a warning?

No.  It is just a warning.  However, for cd /; cd mounted_directory to work it
must exist at / albeit empty.

> 2) If you have a drive mounted twice onto two
>    different directories (e.g. one with text=binary
>    and the other with text!=binary), how does the
>    system decide what tree you're in?  Order of
>    mount entries in registry?  Always picks the
>    binary tree?

It takes it in the order of the registry.  Note, doing what you've done may
cause an unintended state of flux where it is impossible to tell what mode you
have.  It is better to leave the default text processing mode and properly port
the program so that files that are meant to be binary are and files that could
potential be created by a human with a text editor are set for text mode
processing or check for the \r ending and remove it.

> 3) My original cygtchsh80 problem.  Can anyone
>    else reproduce it?  (It's simple to try to
>    reproduce.)  If not, what could be different
>    in my Cygwin setup?  mounts?  installing on
>    D: ?  something else?

Send the output of `cygcheck -s -v -r' pasted (not attached).
"Earnie Boyd" <>
       DLLHELP: <>
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