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Re: Executing a program on a non-cygwin PC

Try to compile with -mno-cygwin opetion, so you'll be able to run you
program on a PC without Cygwin tools
Hope this help

Dominique MICOLLET wrote:
> Hello,
> I am discovering cygwin, so my question may be a newbie one or a FAQ, but I was
> unable to find an answer in the official FAQ or in the mailing list archives.
>  Consider two PC under Windows NT : on the first one, cygwin B20 is correctly
> installed. On the second one, there is no cygwin.
> I wrote and compile a console C program on the first PC : it perfectly execute.
> I copy (by network) the executable and cygwin1.dll in  a same  folder on the
> second PC : trying to execute the program, it runs for some seconds, and then
> crash.
> As there is no cygwin tools on this machine, it is difficult to debug : gdb is
> not available, and the error message is so long that it disappears from the top
> of the console box.
> I figure that I miss something, but I do not know what.
> Can somebody give me an answer or a path to a solution ?
> --
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