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Re: satisfied customer + RFC


Given that you are using Windows NT, the scrolling you wish for is easily
accomplished. Mouse the title-bar icon of your BASH window or right-mouse
anywhere in the title bar and select the "Properties" command. In the
"Layout" pane of the resulting dialog you can specify the size and
(optionally) the position of the window. You can also independently size
the buffer that backs the window display. If the screen buffer is larger in
either dimension that the window itself, then there will be a scroll bar
for that dimension. The units of measure are character cells.

When you confirm this dialog you'll be asked whether you want the change to
apply only to this window or to: a) the shortcut used to launch this
application (if you used a shortcut, which I recommend) or b) the program
itself, if you launched the executable file directly.

There are also lots of other control-freak things you can do in the
Properties dialog of a Windows NT character subsystem window. You can
choose fonts and colors, for example. I recommend that you enable the
"Quick Edit" mode in the "Options" pane. Then you can select text with the
mouse and hit Enter to copy it to the system clipboard. Pasting (equivalent
to typing the characters in the clipboard) must still be done via the
window frame menu's edit sub-menu.

Good luck.

Randy Schulz
Teknowledge Corp.
Palo Alto, CA USA

(Another satisfied Cygwin user)

At 01:37 PM 4/22/99 , you wrote:
>About a year ago I installed B19...
>LINGERING COMPLAINTS: Still no "script" command (would be unnecessary, I  
>suppose, if I could get scrolling turned on in the Cygwin window!). Would  
>like a better debugger. The string class is incompatible with ifstream and  
>ofstream (e.g., "string s; ifstream in; cin >> s;;" doesn't work).
>Thanks. Apologies in advance for faqs or dumb questions.
>Bob Roos

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