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Re: satisfied customer + RFC

On Thu, 22 Apr 1999, Robert Roos wrote:

> LINGERING COMPLAINTS: Still no "script" command (would be unnecessary, I  
> suppose, if I could get scrolling turned on in the Cygwin window!). Would  
> like a better debugger. The string class is incompatible with ifstream and  
> ofstream (e.g., "string s; ifstream in; cin >> s;;" doesn't work).

Since ISO/ANSI C++ standard prohibits the above from working, I suppose
it's the right thing to do ;-) See [lib.ifstream.members] in
the standard. ( (s.c_str()) is the allowed one).

GDB is your only choice unfortunately. If your machines run X server, then 
you may want to check into DDD debugger, which is a very nice front-end to 
gdb. Otherwise, Emacs is a pretty good interface to gdb as well. 

Al Stevens' Quincy'99 ( is
also worth a look. It's an IDE for mingw32 (can't see why it won't work
with Cygwin with some minor changes) with an integrated debugger.

> else simple I ought to add? (We've got vi and emacs.) (Remember--this is for  
> an INTRO programming class. We don't need ssh and VC++ compatibility and  
> ....) Is there a good reason to install the latest egcs if my programs from  
> last year are working okay under B20? Also, before anyone suggests it, yes,  
> we've looked at environments like Code Warrior, etc. Right now our labs are  
> in a state of flux, so we're taking the Gnu route for the time being.

B20.1 distribution includes EGCS-1.1 (or thereabouts), and the current
release is 1.1.2. There've been quite a few changes to the C++ front-end,
quite a few bug fixes specially in the win32 backend, and so on. If your
students do any programming at all, I suggest you install the latest


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