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part 3: mixing GNU and MS tools/libraries...

Hello. Maybe the title of this post is no more appropriate now.
I finally succeded in building a dll after converting the library (me10f.lib)
in libme10f.a and following the examples by Mumit. I wrote a DllMain
which does some initializations I need at attach time. However I am not able
to get ME10 load the module. I supposed that my case is "loading a dll by a 
non-cygwin app" right? Well if I provide the entry point at 
__cygwin_noncygwin_dll_entry@12 ME10 shuts down as soon as it has loaded 
the module. Otherwise if I let dllwrap define the default entry point
the program tells "I am loading the module tnt.dll" and hangs.
Can anybody guess what's going on and tell me?
I tried to make things simple and I am now working with a very simple
test case (a dll which makes an arc thru 3 points) to concentrate just on
the process of building the dll using GNU tools and let ME10 load it.
BTW this is an example which takes few seconds to be built using MS tools,
so I am quite bewildered about the intrinsic reasons which make the process
so complicated following "the other way". Nevertheless I would be very happy
to get to the end following this way, because of all the Unix/X based code
which otherwise would require extensive rewriting.
--- Glauco Masotti

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