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Re: errors in dejagnu's own testsuite

    >> Hi (from a newbie):

    >> Has anyone gotten dejagnu's own testsuite to run successfully?
    >> I'm using cygwin b20.1 w/ egcs 1.1.2 binary distribution.  I
    >> get the same results using the dejagnu in the cygwin source
    >> tree and the dejagnu from dejagnu-19981026.tar.gz in
    >> (which is better, i.e., more up-to-date w/ fixes ??)

I get the following results with dejagnu-1.3

Test Run By vzell on Sat Dec 26 01:04:54 1998
Native configuration is i586-pc-cygwin32

		=== runtest tests ===

Schedule of variations:

Running target unix
Running ./runtest.all/libs.exp ...
PASS: clone_output(pass) without all_flag set
PASS: clone_output(unresolved) without all_flag set
PASS: clone_output(unsupported) without all_flag set
PASS: clone_output(untested) without all_flag set
PASS: clone_output(error) without all_flag set
PASS: clone_output(warning) without all_flag set
PASS: clone_output(note) without all_flag set
PASS: clone_output(pass) with all_flag set
PASS: clone_output(xfail) with all_flag set
PASS: clone_output(unresolved) with all_flag set
PASS: clone_output(unsupported) with all_flag set
PASS: clone_output(untested) with all_flag set
PASS: clone_output(error) with all_flag set
PASS: clone_output(warning) with all_flag set
PASS: clone_output(note) with all_flag set
PASS: isbuild, native
PASS: isbuild, native regexp
PASS: isbuild, native bogus config string
PASS: ishost, native
PASS: ishost, native regexp
PASS: ishost, native bogus config string
PASS: istarget, native
PASS: istarget, native regexp
PASS: istarget, native bogus config string
PASS: isnative, native
PASS: is3way, native
PASS: isnative, cross
PASS: is3way, cross
PASS: isnative, canadian cross
PASS: is3way, canadian cross
Running ./runtest.all/options.exp ...
PASS: No arguments
PASS: Loading library files
PASS: Loading basic packages
PASS: Bad argument
PASS: Bad tool name
PASS: Display help
PASS: Verbose set correctly
PASS: --version
PASS: --target option
PASS: --host option
PASS: --all option
PASS: --objdir option
PASS: --tool option
PASS: --debug option
PASS: --D0 option
Running ./runtest.all/stats-sub.exp ...
Running ./runtest.all/stats.exp ...
PASS: pass
PASS: fail
PASS: xpass
PASS: xfail
PASS: untested
PASS: unresolved
PASS: unsupported

		=== runtest Summary ===

# of expected passes		52
Expect version is	5.28.1
Tcl version is		8.0
Framework version is	1.3.0
WARNING: Couldn't find the global config file.
WARNING: Couldn't find tool init file



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