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Re: Afterstep avec X11R6.4 B20

Aziz ABOUCHI wrote: 
> Afterstep avec X11R6.4 B20, est ce que quelcun y arrive ???
1) you should ask your questions in english, since most of this list readers
are not, IMHO, speaking french....
2) I haven't tried Afterstep, but i do have compiled fvwm2 for cygwin B20,
quite easily (got a few problems related to xpm path, but nothing related to
cygwin). Since Afterstep, as far as i know, is a derivative from fvwm, it
should be possible to compile it. Yet, be aware that only X windows will be
managed by afterstep, and no WIN32 native windows : this is especially annoying
with sloppy focus : underlying X windows can steal the focus from upper WIN32
windows, and that also means that WIN32 won't obey Virtual desktop commands. If
you need a full appliance for Afterstep on your desktop, give a try to litestep
(WIN32 native derivative from Afterstep). See for more

Have a nice day,
Seb (french speaking, if you need to contact me)

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