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Re: jni,egcs1.1.2 compiling problem

The problem I was having seems to have been solved by using 
the -jni option on javah.  Sorry, I don't know much about what I'm
trying to do, so I tend to make a lot of mistakes.

What is your opinion on the likelihood of success on trying to call a
FORTRAN subroutine thru jni?
I know Sun only supports C and C++, but was hoping the integration of
g77 as a front end to gcc might make it possible.  I am currently
getting a java.lang.UnSatisfiedLinkError when I call the method.
Unless I've made some other stupid mistake, I am guessing the symbol
names in the DLL file are not compatible.
Do you think I might be able to do something with the dllinit.c (or some
other foo.c file) as a go-between the java and FORTRAN?
Or is this out of the league of a neophyte programmer, not prepared to
do some compiler programming?

John McNally
Graduate Student, UCLA
Graduate Student Researcher, UC-Davis

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