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Re: Building DBI 1.06 using Win32 cygwin-based perl5.005_03

Mike Goddard wrote:

>         Is anyone working in the cygwin b20.1 environment
>         on WinNT, using the perl5.005_03 binary linked
>         (statically or dynamically) with the cygwin libraries
>         *and* is able to successfully build the latest (or
>         any) version of the DBI modules? (I scanned the mailing
>         list archives and couldn't find any similar issue having
>         previously been raised)
>         Basically, after going through the README*'s and
>         applying the patch, using the following perl5:


Max Baker wrote:

>         ANy reports of getting DBI to work under Cygwin / standard perl source?
> I checked the news groups / mailing lists thoroughly, but didn't find an
> answer
> thanks
> max

Park Jong Pork sent me the following patch. I have ***NOT*** tested it. Since I have had a number of
request for DBI, I will attempt to include it in a perl build when I get some time. However, I need a
place to host it - my poor server had over 2Gig of download in the first three days after I posted the
perl binary.

---;1 Wed Jan  6 02:48:12 1999
+++ Mon Apr 12 12:38:47 1999
@@ -224,6 +224,8 @@
 DBI.c: Perl$(OBJ_EXT)

+    $xst =~ s/DBI_INSTARCH_DIR/DBI_INST_DIR/ if $^O eq 'VMS';
     return $xst;


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