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Re: running Cygwin shell scripts from a bat file (Was: precompiledperl?)

On 20 Apr 1999, Nancy McGough <> wrote:
> What about plain old shell scripts that use a bunch of regular Unix
> commands (cp, mv, grep, cut, sed, etc.) -- can these be run from a DOS
> box or from a bat file? Again the reason I want to be able to do this
> is so I can use Windows Explorer and the Send To pop-up menu to send a 
> file a Unix script.

Someone mailed me privately about the sh command and that seems to be
the secret to everything I want to do. Sorry if I have sounded like an
idiot but I did search through the documentation on the web site and
try a bunch of experiments before I posted. I think that the main
problem is that Cygwin and its docs are designed for programmers and
all I want to do is run my Unix scripts on files that are on my Win98
machine. And I'd love to be able to do that from within Windows
Explorer rather than having to open up the Cygwin bash window and
doing everything the Unix command-line way.

Again, I would really like a pointer to some docs that explain how to
use all the great things about Cygwin and the great things about Win98
(there are a few like the GUI SendTo command IMHO).

ŠNancy McGough          Infinite Ink
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