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Re: precompiled perl?

--- Nancy McGough <> wrote:
> I've now downloaded, bunzipped, and untarred it and successfully run a
> perl script! Here are a couple questions: The first line of my script
> is:
>  #!perl
> and it works fine because perl is on my path. But, if perl weren't on
> my path, what is the best thing to put as the first line of the
> script. On my system perl is in C:\Cygnus\cygwin-b20\usr\local\bin but
> when I'm in the Cygwin bash window I'm not sure what's considered the
> root directory.
> Another Q: Is it possible to send a file to a Cygwin perl script from
> within Windows Explorer. E.g., by right clicking and choosing Send To
> and having the script be one of the Send To choices. Any pointers to
> launching Cygwin stuff from within Windows would be great.

bash$: cd /
bash$: ln -s //c/Cygnus/cygwin-b20/usr usr


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