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Re: precompiled perl?

Thank you everyone for the pointer. When I looked at that page before
I posted, it looked to me like all the files out there needed to be
compiled. For people who are new to this world (like me), you might
want to change the README to say "precompiled binary" rather than just

I've now downloaded, bunzipped, and untarred it and successfully run a
perl script! Here are a couple questions: The first line of my script


and it works fine because perl is on my path. But, if perl weren't on
my path, what is the best thing to put as the first line of the
script. On my system perl is in C:\Cygnus\cygwin-b20\usr\local\bin but
when I'm in the Cygwin bash window I'm not sure what's considered the
root directory.

Another Q: Is it possible to send a file to a Cygwin perl script from
within Windows Explorer. E.g., by right clicking and choosing Send To
and having the script be one of the Send To choices. Any pointers to
launching Cygwin stuff from within Windows would be great.

Thanks again,

ŠNancy McGough          Infinite Ink
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