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Re: help with serial ports

Try the January 15th snapshot.


On Thu, Apr 15, 1999 at 10:46:59PM -0400, Steve Horne wrote:
>I'm using Beta 20.1 from
>running on w95. I'm trying to talk to the serial port
>from what I hoped would be a simple C program.
>I have been looking through the archives,  FAQS & etc and
>have not yet figured out how to access a serial port.
>Neither open("COM1:"...)   (or 2, with or without colon) or
>        open("/dev/com1"...) 
>seems to work.  (The call returns failure.)
>Also, "cat /dev/com1" from the bash shell
>gives a file  protection error of some sort.
> (sorry, I'm not at work & don't have exact text)
>I used version 19 successfully for another project (with no serial port I/O)
> but it had the same problems as V 20.  I had hoped upgrading would help,
>but no luck. 
>If someone could send me a code fragment that has worked for
>them I would be grateful.

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