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Cygwin32 latest dev-src under NT SP4

Using the latest 'full.exe' which seems to work well, I have
successfully configured the 'dev-src' distribution (all in
'/usr/local/src' ie 'c:\usr\local') using the simple './configure'
(though after modifying the first 'configure' that was executed - the
one in 'opcodes' - to avoid the 'gcc --print-prog-name=ld' problem).

When I then 'make' it fails after some hours.  Has anyone else
successfully built the 'dev-src' on NT with SP4 under Cygwin (also the

In general, does this process require patching?

I find nothing about this in the FAQ and searching the
'cygwin-developer' archives seems unreliable.  Eg a search for
'print-prog-name' returned nothing yet I found an email including that
text in its subject with a different query (for different text).

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