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again: mixing GNU and MS tools/libraries...

Hi there. Excuse me if I post this one again. Hitherto nobody
answered to my previous post. 
Should this mean that anyone of you gurus outhere can help?
This may mean several months of work for me, and abandon the Cygwin community
to enter the MS world :-(
Here is the problem:
Hello. It looks like I am having a peculiar case to solve. It seems to me that
recipes found in FAQ or in the mail archives don't apply.
I am not a guru on MS and gnu related stuff... so coming to a dead end,
I decided to post this one, hoping in somebody's help. 

I developed an application on top of ME10 (a CAD program by HP), using the
interface which comes with ME10 distibution. This application (quite a huge
runs fine on Unix and X, but I need to get the thing working on NT machines

On Unix I make a static link, but on NT I am forced to build a dll out of
my stuff. 
In order to speed up conversion time I am tring to use the Cygwin tools and
Well, I succeded in compiling all my stuff using gcc, then I made a big object
(e.g. tnt.o or tnt.obj) using ld. In the code just one DllExport symbol is
defined explicitly, 
which should serve to enter the module.
At this point I have to merge tnt.o with an me10f.lib library to resolve
ME10 related symbols. 
I made this by using link, and this seems to work, but I am still having 8
undefined symbols:

So... what am I doing wrong, and what should I do at this point?
Is it correct and safe to mix stuff compiled with gcc and MSVC, and then
link it in part
with GNU ld and in part with MS link?
Obviously I don't have access to ME10 sources. Is it possible to convert
the me10f.lib 
library, in a format compatible with ld, so that I can use just ld to link
the whole thing?
And which tools are available to do this conversion?
Thanks for your attention and your time. Sincerely,
--- Glauco Masotti

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