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B20.1: Pipes and awk


I have a problem using pipes in awk. Holger Kopf had the same problems (see extract from the archives bellow), but I couldn't find an answer to his problem and he has not replied to me yet.

Could you help me, please ?

I've enclosed the previous mails.

Thanks for your help in advance,
Laurent ROCHE

From: Laurent ROCHE
To:Holger Kopf


did you get any answer about the problem you described in your following mail or (even better) did you work it out ?
I have exactly the same problem with B20.1 when it used to work in B19;-(.

Thanks for your help,

From: (Holger Kopf)  
Subject:  B20: problems with pipes in AWK !
  24 Nov 1998 11:22:00 -0800 :   
To:  <>
i try to develop some solutions with awk on a Windows NT 4.0,
One of the features of awk on UNIX is to evaluate inputs which
i can receive from a pipe.But on NT i can't do so !
for example the following awk-script doesn't work:    {
        "ls -l | sort -r " | getline xxx;        print xxx;    }
The commands ls and sort do not work in that example.
On a Unix-System it works very well.Please give me a little help....
Holger Kopf

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