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Re: MAKE and MinGW32 problems.

Mumit Khan wrote:

> Make will try to find a /bin/sh, and use it if found in your PATH.

I have C:\BIN in my path but there is no sh or sh.exe

> I didn't even know I had a make on my site. Just for kicks, could you try
> out any mingw make, from say Jan-Jaaps (URL below) site, and see if it
> still causes the problem? Also, you may want to remove /bin from your
> PATH and see if that does anything.

> fyi, I'm now more in favor of using Cygwin tools to build both Cygwin
> and Mingw binaries/executables (using -mno-cygwin) to avoid these
> hassles. With b20.1 being quite stable on NT, and reasonably stable
> on W9x using the 1999-01-16 snapshot on Cygnus site, it's looking
> better and better.
> My personal preference is to use a Linux box and cross-compile ...

I too prefer Linux and GNU tools.  Most of my colleagues do not use UNIX (or
never have) and we are using cross-compilers & debuggers for embedded systems
that are hosted on MS-Windows platforms (ie. -mno-cygwin wont solve my
problems as we are not building MS-Windows executables).  I just wanted to
get an up to date version of Make (we were using an old MKS version for 16
bit DOS).  I don't really want to get the my co-workers to install Cygwin
just to get Make working.  I do think that the Cygwin environment is very
good.  It gives developers the power of the UNIX environment (well closer to
it).  I am introducing so many new things to them that come from the
UNIX/Linux/GNU world that I will only confuse them further.  In the long term
I think introducing Cygwin in our development environment will be a good
thing (introducing Linux would be even better).  I only hope that
Cygwincontinues to improve in the speed department as that is the main reason
I prefer using Mingw built tools.

Brendan Simon.

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