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Re: full-man

Hi Jacobs,,

>I just downloaded full-man.tar.bz2 from the ftp site.  I untarred and
>unzipped it but I couldn't find man.exe and I don't know where to put the
>directory tree.  How do I get man to work?

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   - what is it?
     - Program for displaying man-pages on the screen or sending them
       to a printer (using groff). Includes whatis, apropos and man2html,
       which compiles but wasn't tried.

   - To install the binaries 
     - go to, get and untar in /
     - You must also get and untar in /
     - Edit /usr/local/lib/man.conf    [** used to be man.config **]
       to suit your site.
       If man gives you funny looking hyphens, replace the NROFF line with
       NROFF          /usr/local/bin/nroff -mandoc (!!it's nroff, not groff) 
     - Execute "man -w" to examine the effective MANPATH. Duplicates
       (with different cases) may appear. They can be avoided by 
       editing man.conf and/or PATH and/or MANPATH.
     - Execute ./makewhatis -w in /usr/local/sbin to build the
       whatis database for apropos and whatis.

   What follows is information to recompile the entire package or complete
   the man2html tool suite.

   - system
     - Windows 95

   - Cygwin
     - for B20
     - binary mounts only
     - CYGWIN=tty
   - preliminaries
     - get the source packages
       - man-1.5f.tar.gz from
     - edit src/
       - on line 30   change PATH=/usr/bin:/bin to /bin:/usr/local/bin
                 146, change /usr/bin/gawk to /bin/gawk (or whatever)
     - edit src/defs.h
       - add #include <unistd.h>
     - edit man2html/
       - on line 9 change /usr/bin to /usr/local/bin (or whatever)

   - configure
     - edit configure on lines 508 & 511
       - change "prefix=/usr" to "prefix=/usr/local" (or whatever) 
     - run CC="gcc -DNONLS -DLC_MESSAGES=6" ./configure -d +traditional
       (thanks to David Coe)

   - make
     - works without changes

   - make install
     - works without changes

   - package availability
     - on
     - in /pub/win32/develop/gnuwin32/cygwin/porters/Humblet_Pierre_A/B20
     - as man-1.5f-cygwin-b20-bin.tar.gz

   - contributed by
     - (Pierre A. Humblet)

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Michael Hirmke           | Telefon +49 (911) 557999
Georg-Strobel-Strasse 81 | FAX     +49 (911) 557664
90489 Nuernberg          | E-Mail
                         | WWW

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