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building egcs snapshot under W95: fails to process #include

My cygwin has been having a tough time with egcs under W95 since the multilib 
stuff was introduced.  I have set up the following:
Cygwin-b20.1 with 19990330 snapshot binary patch
egcs-1.1.2 with Mumit Khan's patches, rebuilt so libraries match cygwin 
include files from cygwin snapshot sym-linked into /usr/include

The 19990405 snapshot builds normally until some time down in the libgcc2 
compilation, it's missing declarations which should have been picked up from 
<string.h>.  The problem occurs sooner if I have only a symlink for 
<string.h> in /usr/include; I copy that file to that directory, and the first 
indication of a problem is undefined strchr() around line 2122 of libgcc2.c.  
Likewise, the problem occurs sooner with the standard make-3.75 than with 
make-3.77.  Further on in the libgcc2 compilation, the compiler hangs with 
perpetual loop of error messages.

The compiler which is built is OK, but it won't link because the libraries 
are no good.  The .o files which it makes link and run OK with the egcs-1.1.2.

Is there a limit on the nesting of #includes or the number of open files 
which can be read properly under cygwin/W95?  If so, is there a way to 
correct this?

When I attempt the same thing under NT, there are different, more benign 
problems, such as the failure to configure the gcc and libf2c directories 
automatically.  Of course, it takes far longer (possibly the McAfee virus 
detector has failed to shut off).

I've tried installing several newer cygwin snapshots, but they cause several 
programs, such as tar, to crash immediately with access violation.  The 330 
snapshot seems to work best on my system; it has none of the old vfork 
failures and not nearly as many make failures as the original cygwin-b20.1.

Yes, it may be that the only supported way to build egcs for W95 will be 
cross-build.  For that to be convenient, I would need to change to a FAT-32 
compatible linux, but I prefer to stay with a gnulibc1 linux.  I suppose 
those desires may be mutually exclusive.  These egcs snapshots aren't that 
easy to build under linux either; they have all sorts of problems with 
texinfo build failures.  But I would like to see egcs-1.2 working on cygwin; 
the snapshot g77 performs very well on my old PPro box.

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