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MAKE and MinGW32 problems.

I had problems with MAKE compiled for the MinGW32 environment.  MAKE
wasn't exucuting SHELL commands such as "echo".  I solved this by
prefixing the command with "c:/ /c"

Now I have problems when trying to redirect output to files from within

CFLAGS = -Wall -O2 -D_DEBUG_
MYSHELL = c:/ /c
ECHO = $(MYSHELL) echo

default :
    $(ECHO) $(CFLAGS) > cflags.txt

I get an error saying cygwin.dll could not be found.
process_begin: CreateProcess(C:\BIN\sh.exe, C:/BIN/sh.exe -c
"c:/ /c echo -Wall -O2 -D_DEBUG_ > cflags.txt", ...) failed.
make (e=1157): One of the library files needed to run this application
cannot be found.

I don't understand why any program compiled with/for MinGW32 should be
looking for cygwin.dll.
I'm pretty sure I have redirected output to files with an older version
of make (but I think that was compiled with DJGPP).  I might have to dig
that out or see if DJ has an updated one on his web site.  I'd prefer to
use a MinGW32 version though as I'm not sure what the future of DJGPP is
(and I'd rather keep to one distribution).

PS. I am using Win98, GNU MAKE 3.77 (from Mumit's site).

Brendan Simon.

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