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RE: does bash provide scrolling ?

Assuming that's what Jan is looking for (and I believe it is too), 9x doesn't
have this very useful capability in  Anyone who is interested 
can check out the discussion in the archives on this very subject
from a week or two back.  The short version is either get some 
commercial Win32 replacement for (4DOS or another product I
don't recall the name of) or work with rxvt (with or without X11).

Larry Hall                   
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8 Grove Street                         (781) 239-1655
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At 04:16 PM 4/7/99 +0100, wrote:
>I am not sure about W98, but in NT 4.0 I open the command shell properties
>dialog, go to the Layout tab and set the buffer size to 10 times the window
>height.  This gives me vertical scroll bars and the ability to look at the
>last 10 screens.  The maximum buffer size seems to be 9999.
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>> From: Jan-Friedrich Mutter []
>> Sent: 07 April 1999 15:58
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>> Subject: does bash provide scrolling ?
>> Hi,
>> is it possible to configure the bash that it is able to scroll up in
>> Win98 ?
>> Thanks, Jan.
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