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Re: make 3.77

If someone could help me with this I would appreciate it very much.

---------------------- Forwarded by Daniel Branning/USFG on 04/07/99 07:27

Geoffrey Noer <> on 04/06/99 18:30:54
 To:      Daniel Branning                                     
 Subject: Re: make 3.77                                       

I'm sorry, but I'm too busy right now to reply to most Cygwin-related
questions from the Net.  Please send your question to the Cygwin
project mailing list at  Hopefully
someone will be able to help.
Thanks for your interest in Cygwin!
Geoffrey Noer           Email:
Cygnus Solutions
On Tue, Apr 06, 1999, Daniel_Branning@STPAUL.COM wrote:
> I am experiencing the *** missing separator: stop problem with <make>
> B20.1
> trying to build and install a Perl module. (have ActiveState perl b5.09
> NT4-SP3).
> I ran across your answer to a similar question --- with the promise of a
> fix to <make>
> forthcoming.
> *****************************
> FYI, this is a make bug that's fixed in make 3.77.  We will at least
> be including a patch that addresses this problem in the next major
> gnu-win32 release, but maybe not make 3.77 yet.
> -gjn
> *******************************
> What was the outcome of this?
> Thanks for any info.
> -dan
Geoffrey Noer       Email:
Cygnus Solutions

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