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Re: undefined references for GUI library using Mingw32

On Tue, 6 Apr 1999, dale henderson wrote:

> >
> >Unless you tell us what the problem is, you're unlikely to get any 
> help. 
> >wxWindows works fine with Mingw32 and Cygwin compilers.
> Here are some of the environment settings, /wx/src/mingw32.bat

But where is the problem report????  I don't have the time to go through 
a whole bunch of Makefiles to guess what problem you may be running into! 
Please understand that.

That said, please send me the error report if you want assistance. Also,
please search the mailing list for the last few exchanges between Chris
Pourcelot and I that should help you fix the faulty WINLIBS setting in the
makeg95.env file. One reason I copy all related messages to the list is so
that it gets archived and primed for search engines to do the rest.

The search should pull up the last note from Chris that gives you the
correct values for WINLIBS and a few other variables.

> rem Mingw32 environment variables
> set 
> CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH=f:\mingw32\include;f:\mingw32\lib\gcc-lib\i386-mingw32\egcs-2.91.66\include;f:\mingw32\include\g++
> set 
> C_INCLUDE_PATH=f:\mingw32\include;f:\mingw32\lib\gcc-lib\i386-mingw32\egcs-2.91.66\include;f:\mingw32\include\g++
> set 
> LIBRARY_PATH=f:\mingw32\lib;f:\mingw32\lib\gcc-lib\i386-mingw32\egcs-2.91.66

I personally dislike these variables since they add a hidden layer of
(lack of ;-) control. I would rather use -If:/mingw32/include. But that's
just my personal and subjective preference.


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