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Re: egcs-2.9.66 (B20.1) errors

On Tue, 6 Apr 1999, Phil Edwards wrote:

> I've been experiencing two errors with the egcs-1.1.2
> The same happens in a minimal testcase.  Line 64-66
> of bastring.h are:
>    template <class charT, class traits = string_char_traits<charT>,
>       class Allocator = alloc >
>    class basic_string
> It's either puking at the start of "class Allocator,"
> or (more likely?) at the end of the traits bit on the
> previous line.

The only time I've seen is when running GCC with -mno-cygwin mode or using
include path that has mingw32 include files before g++ include files. The
Mingw32 header directory contains alloc.h, which should be deleted (and
the contents moved into malloc.h), which causes this.

Can you please send me more info?
  $ env > bug.txt
  $ cygcheck -s -r >> bug.txt 2>&1 
  $ gcc -c -v -save-temps >> bug.txt 2>&1

and email me bug.txt and foo.ii file.


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