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Re: undefined references for GUI library using Mingw32

On Tue, 6 Apr 1999, dale henderson wrote:

>  I installed the binaries for egcs-1.1.2/Mingw32 and tried
> to compile an simple app in wxWindows2 after successfully compiling
> the main library for wxWin2. Are there any known problems?
> I am using the make files that come with the wxWin2 distribution.
> I a lso installed the recent runtime libraries for Mingw32 that are on 
> the ftp server.
> If I need to change the order of the linking, I am not sure what to 
> change. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Unless you tell us what the problem is, you're unlikely to get any help. 
wxWindows works fine with Mingw32 and Cygwin compilers.

The wxWindows makefile has a few bugs/misfeatures, and I've sent the fixes
to this mailing list. You should do a search.


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