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Re: Cygwin Fonts

At 01:50 PM 4/6/99 -0500, Natarajan (Ravi) Murugaiyan wrote:
>I am running cygwin version B-20 on Windows NT version 4.0. 
>The only fonts showing up for selection in the properties window
>are 'Lucida Console' and 'Raster Fonts'.
>How can I make available to cygwin other fonts like Arial?
>Natarajan Murugaiyan(Ravi) 		Phone 	(217) 333 - 1112 
>Information Resources Group		Email
>240 CAB
>NCSA, University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign

That's not a Cygwin issue but a console (cmd.exe) issue.  I'm not sure how
you get other fonts with the console.  It may well be that you need to have
fonts which are specifically "console" fonts installed...

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